Coming in 2020: Ariane 6

A perfect marriage of innovation and reliability, Ariane 6 will provide the best launch solution for commercial and institutional customers.arianegroup

The highly modular design of Ariane 6 will offer institutional and commercial customers unprecedented flexibility, a critical attribute in the context of today’s rapidly changing market. With a very spacious fairing, it can loft any type of payload into an optimized energy-saving orbit, whether it be destined for low Earth orbit (LEO), geostationary transfer orbit (GTO), sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) or to take payloads on lunar missions.

The new launcher is perfectly suited not only to ‘conventional’ single or dual missions, but also, with an upper stage powered by the re-ignitable Vinci® engine, to complex missions addressing new market requirements, such as all-electric propulsion satellites, or batches of satellites for constellations. Ariane 6 will be available in two different versions, so as to provide the ideal solution for any mission: The four-booster Ariane 64 can launch up to 12 metric tons into GTO, in a dual launch. The two-booster Ariane 62 can carry over 4.5 metric tons into GTO, or seven metric tons into SSO.

Ariane 6 is a European Space Agency (ESA) program to ensure that Europe maintains independent space access capability. The maiden flight of the new launcher is scheduled for 2020, with full operations from 2023, delivering a level of reliability equal to that of the current Ariane 5.

Capitalizing on expertise built up with Ariane 5 and based on years of operating feedback from customers, ArianeGroup is coordinating development and production of Ariane 6 by combining innovative technologies with proven solutions, backed by the most efficient industrial organization approaches and cutting-edge digital tools.

ArianeGroup has set up European ‘clusters of excellence’, working with partners as an ‘extended enterprise’. They are implementing new processes and manufacturing technologies (such as 3D printing, friction stir welding, laser surface treatment, etc.) to support our objectives of maximum industrial efficiency, reduction of production costs, and boosting competitiveness to meet new market requirements.

ArianeGroup will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 at stand E50.