Glavkosmos: Show Announcement

Glavkosmos at Space Tech Expo Europe– 2019 is launching its new project. They are featuring the brand-glavkosmos logonew Unified Product and Components web portal, a universal digital catalogue of the Russian rocket and space products. It is not just a quick search mechanism, but also a “one-stop shop” for their customers to place an order using online support and get the best solution possible for their needs.

Searching for needed products, their selection, analysis and order placement are tedious and tiresome procedures. Their project aims to save the most precious resource of our customers, which is their time.

While making their order directly on the portal our clients reach another important and very pragmatic goal – they can literally see products and their modifications, they can compare, arrange, combine and unite products using only one single web resource with a very simple intuitive interface.

Thus, they are featuring the portal where our clients can easily collect the full set of rocket and space industry products according to their scientific, industrial and financial needs and possibilities.

Eventually Glavkosmos expect the project to be a success: now they are working on the extension of the foreign language features to satisfy the needs of the customers worldwide.

Glavkosmos are exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 at stand J52.