Visitor testimonials


Space Tech Expo Europe is a very good show. I had lots of meetings in my calendar and it has been overwhelming after a long COVID period to meet some space folks again.
I had meetings from within my own space network so it has been good to catch up with old connections and colleagues as well as make new ones.

Christine Schwarzwaelder, Program Manager, Rockwell Collins Deutschland



My day has been good so far, I have had a couple of interesting meetings through the B2B meetings service. Its great that so many people are here after the situation of the past year and I still have some meetings and conference sessions to look forward to today.

Moritz Düttmann, Manager, etamax space GmbH



Today has gone very well and I have had a lot of interesting discussions. I am going to the next conference panel on launch propulsion.

I am coming back to the show tomorrow and have B2B meetings booked in. Space Tech Expo is a great place to meet people, it’s a great conglomeration of all the players in the industry, so you can find a lot of new contacts and also exchange a lot of knowledge.

Kamila Wilczynska, Beam Facility Manager, Pantechnik



I have found today very interesting. I have been to both the Smallsats and Industry conference stages today. The companies here are very interesting and we have been able to find some contacts regarding our current projects and future developments.

Space Tech Expo Europe is a very interesting showcase, with lots of companies, research centres. It is a very important event for networking and for the development of the sector as a whole.

Gustavo Dalmarco, Researcher, Insec Tec



Every year Space Tech Expo is very smooth. I’m mainly here for networking and to visit the exhibitors. I’ve managed to talk to a lot of them at their booths, so my networking has been successful. You get to meet companies you wouldn’t and having them all in the same space is amazing.

Michail Efthymiadis, Business Consultant, EyeOn



Exhibitor testimonials


This is my second time at Space Tech Expo Europe, I’ve found it to be very invigorating and exciting. This is the fourth event I’ve been to since events have come back post-covid, and this is the first one that has the energy and attendance level that makes it worth going to.

Mike Carey, CSO & Co-Founder, ATLAS Space Operations



The first day was busy, we had two ambassador visits, local TV were here and took an interview and the frequency of customers is good. Space Tech Expo Europe is of course important since it’s taking place in Bremen because Bremen is one of our sites, it’s also important for the German space industry. It’s the place to be and we will return next year. It’s great for brand awareness and networking

Eisend Patrick, Marketing, AIRBUS



Space Tech Expo Europe has been really positive, there’s been a lot of traffic, a lot of people interested in our booth and products. We’ve had a lot of quality contacts and we’ve enjoyed it. There’s no substitute for face-to-face, it’s great to see people and make those connections. For our company, US based, we are looking to expand in space in Europe and I don’t know that there’s a better avenue to do that than at Space Tech Expo Europe.

Bruce Doty, Director, Business Development, RAM Manufacturing Company, Inc



It’s been excellent, it’s been great to see so many people out and about for the first time in a long time. It’s good to see everything else going on in the industry, we’ve established partnerships with companies through events like this.

Stuart Mills, Chief Executive Officer, STAR-Dundee



Day two has been great, day one was quite spectacular, seeing everybody get back together. We were here in 2019, so we were really excited to come. We came from Texas, we have good business here in Europe and within the space community, we need to support our customers in Europe, so we were very excited it moved from every other year to an annual event. Many customers are stopping by and talking to us, we’ve introduced a new product and that’s driving a lot of conversation at the stand.

Russel Jordan, Business Development Director, Micropac




 'This Space Tech Expo was the best exhibition I have ever been to.'

Andrea Marchese, Supply Chain Manager, OHB System AG

'It’s a huge exhibition with a number of potential customers, so it’s the place to be this week.'

Jean Yves Le Gall, Chair of the ESA Council and PresidentCNES

‘This was one of the most successful events in our sales history’

Sandor Woldendorp, Business Unit Director, Airborne Aerospace

'It is very important to be present here to show the world our launch vehicles…here we are meeting all our customers, our suppliers, we had B2B meetings with them, and I think that's the main important thing.'

Hartwig Ellerbrock, Manager for Exploration, ArianeGroup

'We are from Bremen, so we’ll will be part of this show forever because this is very helpful for the whole space cluster in Bremen, so that’s why we’re very happy that the show succeeds in the way it does. This year is really much bigger than the previous ones.'

Marco Fuchs, CEO, OHB SE

'As a leading advanced technology company present on approximately 80% of the world’s 2,000 active satellites, Honeywell is pleased to participate in Space Tech Expo Europe for the first time as an exhibitor. The event provides us with an important platform to showcase our research and development capabilities for technologies spanning satellite communications and connectivity, actuation systems, altitude control sensors and many more, for a broad range of Space-based platforms.'

Petra Pacakova, Communications Leader, Honeywell 

'The first day of Space Tech Expo has been really great for us, it has been a while since we have been at a space tech fair, but it is a strong core thing in our identity, so it is awesome to be seen in here and talk to space people again.'

Nea Kekkonen, Communications Manager, Delta Cygni Labs 

'We’ve had a really great day so far, lots of interest on the B2B matchmaking service, constant stand traffic. Really enjoying the buzz and friendliness of everybody here'

Jessica Howe, Marketing Co-ordinator, TT Electronics

'It’s my first time at Space Tech Expo and think the organisation and the venue are very well laid outand very well populated. The conference and the panels were with a good audience and a good participation, and I definitely look forward to coming back again.'

Pierre Lionnet, Secretary General and Director of Research, ASD Eurospace

'It’s a good flow for the customers to walk through and see everything, it’s been a very good experience so far'

John Heskett, KSAT Lite Chief Architect, KSAT – Kongsberg Satellite Services AS

‘Space Tech Expo Europe is the most important event for our division in Salem, Germany’

Mara Sprenger, Marketing Communications, Glenair GmbH

'There’s a lot of good actors and good players here, networking is definitely very important, seeing what the competitors are doing, meeting potential customers and potential clients and partners'

Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Senior Director – European Affairs, Planet

'The show has been really, really good, a huge selection of companies here, it’s a really great opportunity to engage with the wider European space industry'

Becky Morris, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Skyrora

'I’m so excited to be here again at Space Tech Expo Europe. It’s always awesome coming here because you meet and connect with friends that maybe live all around and across Europe, it’s a great way to convene and really compare ideas and check notes, and also really see the themes of what Space Agencies, like the session I was chairing today, are really planning in their objectives for the next year. So really look forward to the next one and seeing how the connections I’ve made flourish as my company grows, and the expo does too!'

Anushka ‘Nush’ Sharma, Founder, Naaut

'This is really the right size and it has the right companies, every 10 minutes there is another company coming by. We’ve had business development managers, CEOs, we had the big chief of ESA here.'

Lynn Robbroeckx, Head of Communication, Luxembourg Space Agency

'This show is great at the moment, we have a lot of visitors. It’s great to discuss affordable composite manufacturing. It’s good to do business here!'

Dirk Dautzenberg, Sr. Project Manager, Airborne

'We are very happy to be here, we have a lot of customers here, it's very good for our enterprise.'

Andreas Grasl, Head of Electrical Engineering, Glenair GmbH

'It’s important to be at this show because we want to meet people… and see what is happening in the smallsats market’

Dr Tony Schoenherr, Product Manager IFM Nand, Enpulsion

'It’s a great opportunity to network, to find some new customers, meet with some of our existing customers. It’s a great chance to exhibit and to show our latest developments, we like it here.'

Jeanne Medvedeva, Commercial Director, EXOLAUNCH

'I was very, very impressed with the level of attendance of the session I participated in. I really enjoyed moderating this part of the conference with a very good panel. We had not only an impeccable organisation, but the discussions were very interesting. Space Tech Expo did a great job and I was really enthusiastic about the quality of the questions and the responses. It's a good model in our space trade to move forward, but also to get more customer orientated and see new trends, not only in technology, but also in science, and how the community develops.'

Prof. Michael Rast, Senior Advisor Earth Observation Programmes, ESA

'The Product Showcase was very good. There were some people interested who stayed after the showcase was over, so we got some leads.'

Hasteen Jobalia, Senior Application Engineer, HUBER + SUHNER

'It’s my first time at the show and it’s really nice because we've seen a lot of interesting customers, a lot of interesting companies, and it’s great to be here!'

Christoph Kollman, Business Development Executive, Coilcraft


'Our market are suppliers or development partners in the smallsat world, so it’s good to be together in this little eco system where they’re slightly hidden between the larger aerospace players. So for us it’s a real value to have this little eco system attached to the bigger event. For me personally it’s the first time here and we’re definitely going to be back next year.'

Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO and co-Founder, ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV         

'Space Tech Expo in Bremen has been a fantastic and interesting experience and I am excited about the development of the space industry as a whole and of course in particular the smallsat market'

Per Koch, Business Development Manager, GateHouse Telecom (Visitor)

'The exhibition has been a very good opportunity for our company to represent our product lines in the European market, specifically in the German market. We’ve met a lot of good customers, so we’ve been able to meet some good opportunities going forward.'

Ernesto Sanchez, Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager, Duocommun Inc.

“So far it’s been excellent. We wanted to meet potential customers, and successfully we have met potential customers, not only from Germany but all over Europe. So many people, good opportunities.”

Atsushi Omoto, MD, Susumu Deutschland GmbH

“I really appreciated the quality of the speakers this week, it had great insight for future prospects for the space industry and small satellites.”

Clarissa Miller, Global Market Segment Leader/Industrial/EM, Momentive Performance Materials

“We had a lot of beneficial discussions, met interesting people with interesting applications, and we’re looking forward to the next Space Tech Expo Europe next year!”

Malte Fandrich, Sales Engineer, SmarAct GmbH