Future Dates

Space Tech Expo USA 2020 - Long Beach, CA
August 10-12, 2020

Space Tech Expo Europe 2020 - Bremen, Germany 
17-19 November, 2020

Space Tech Expo USA 2021 - Long Beach, CA
May 10-12, 2021

Space Tech Expo Europe 2021 - Bremen, Germany
16-18 November, 2021

Space Tech Expo Europe will be going annual from 2020! Due to the success, growth and appetite for this event, as well as industry expansion growing apace, it will now be hosted yearly and the next confirmed dates are 17-19 November 2020 - Bremen, Germany. Can't wait that long? Our sister show Space Tech Expo USA, will be taking place in the new location of Long Beach, CA 10-12 August, 2020.