Speaker guidelines

Please read the below guidlines before submitting your application to speak at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019:

Completing the submission form

Please complete all fields within the form as accurately as possible. All fields are mandatory – you will not be able to submit an incomplete form.

  • Submitter must supply full contact information, including: name, job title, company name, email address, and phone number. (Submissions are often made by PR firms, marketing managers, and research assistants hence we require this information in addition to the proposed speaker’s information)
  • Presentation title – please be as clear and succinct as possible. Do not exceed 100 characters*
  • Abstract – describe the session or presentation in no more than 400 characters*
  • Three learning takeaways* – think carefully about what delegates will learn from your presentation. How will they benefit from what you plan to share?
  • Speaker information – please supply full contact information for the speaker including: name, job title, company name, email address, and phone number, and a brief professional biography* (450 characters max)

*Please note that if selected, the title, abstract, and biography (and elements of the learning takeaways supplied) will be used in marketing materials for the event.

Tips for a successful submission

These will help you compose the optimal abstracts for Space Tech Expo:

  • Avoid product / sales pitches – these will not be selected. Please restrict details that are self-promoting and stick to technical, market forecasting, or research-led content.
  • Would you want to listen to your presentation? In other words, why is it important and can you tailor it so that it contains the maximum amount of information that is practical and useful for delegates? Content that is rather than too general or too niche limits its impact.

Papers / supporting information

If you are selected to present and are presenting very detailed or technical information, we encourage you to supply a paper (supporting information document) to complement your presentation. This will make it easier for you to stick to your allotted presentation time and enable you to keep your slides simple and uncluttered. Delegates will know that they will be able to download your paper, along with the presentation, after the event.

If you do wish to supply a paper, you will be required to submit it approximately four weeks ahead of the event, at the same time as your presentation file. There are no word-length restrictions on the paper, but please use your professional judgement as to how much information you really need to convey. Keep the information as user-friendly and digestible as possible.

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 28 2019. Submissions must be made via our online form.


If you are selected to speak at the event, you will be notified approximately six-to-eight weeks after the call for submissions deadline.


Disclaimer: Smarter Shows reserves the right to amend speakers, topics and scheduling at any time. This website is updated regularly to reflect such changes. 



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