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Exploring the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Future Spacecraft: from Data Processing to Efficient Constellation Control

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology with great potential for various segments in the space industry, including satellite systems, both small and large, and other spacecraft. The impending arrival of low-Earth orbit (LEO) constellations brings specific challenges, such as operational management of large swarms, Earth observation imaging analysis, and dealing with a more congested space environment. For large satellites, especially those that are software defined, AI can help with anomaly detection and data processing. Both these qualities will provide useful information to satellite operators as well as future satellite servicing missions.

In this webinar, AI experts in the satellite and other spacecraft manufacturing industry explain how this new technology is transforming the way we operate, use, and analyze spacecraft and the information they produce. This webinar will highlight the following topics:

● The potentials of AI to optimize operations efficiency
● How this technology can be used to improve how we process and exploit data
● How AI can enable future spacecraft architectures

Speaking organizations include: Satcoms Innovation Group, NASA Ames Research Center, Ball Aerospace


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Creating New Market Opportunities for Future Spacecraft with Next-Gen Electric Propulsion Systems

Electric propulsion (EP) is a technology which has gained a lot of interest from major space industry players over the last five years due to technical advancements but also thanks to a renewed competition in the launch vehicles market. This webinar brings together commercial and agency representatives, to discuss the following topics:

  • Technology research and development on Hall Effect Thrusters, Gridded Ion Engines and Highly Efficient Multistage Plasma Thrusters
  • A market view on the benefits of these types of propulsion
  • The expected technology trends for electric propulsion
  • How market trends impact on power electronics

Speaking organizations include: European Space Agency, Eutelsat, Airbus Space Equipment Division.

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Ready to Pick Up the Pace? How to Meet Future Demand by Reducing Your Satellite Production Time

Manufacturers are considering automation of specific manufacturing processes and standardization components; for example, by introducing or redefining the use of robotics and software. This webinar discusses the following topics:

  • How can automation technologies be applied across the satellite manufacturing industry and how will they challenge and change the way we manufacture customized spacecraft?
  • Which innovative tools have shown that they enhance a faster manufacturing cycle process?
  • How will in-space manufacturing change the approach to spacecraft design and manufacturing?

 Speaking organizations include: RUAG Space; Boeing Defense, Space & Security; and Tempo Automation.

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From Toxic to Green: How to Best Prepare Our Spacecraft for the Use of Cheaper Alternative Propellants

Bringing together industry experts in the field of propulsion systems and research in this area, this webinar will discuss issues including:

  • What kind of propellants are already used and what kind of propellants currently developed are likely to be used in the near future
  • Which currently used rocket components and materials would be able to withstand those new propellants and what is required from the industry to be able to introduce those propellants into existing spacecraft
  • What kind of restrictions are likely to be put in place around the use of hydrazine and when


Speaking organizations include: DLR; Airbus; and ArianeGroup.


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Bridging the Standards Gap in Metal AM Parts Used in Aerospace Applications – Defining Future Frameworks 

Bringing together industry experts from America Makes and AMSC / ANSI, ASTM International and the Technology Partnership, this webinar will discuss issues including:

  • Key gaps in the metal additive manufacturing qualification process
  • Determining strategies and approaches to overcome these gaps and engaging industry to input into the future solutions
  • Assuring quality of metal AM parts through in-process monitoring


Speaking organizations include: America Makes & American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ; ASTM International; The Technology Partnership; and Concept Laser Inc.


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