“A lot of interest in the Ariane 6 and a crowded booth. A lot of fun!”
Matthias Becker, System Engineering, ArianeGroup 

“Space Tech Expo Europe is without any doubt the event of reference in Europe for the space sector.”
Juny Crespo, Project Manager, PLD Space

“It’s been marvellous! I’ve met a lot of people doing the same thing I do working in the space business, and the expo it's very nice to see so many companies.”
Reven Spannagel, Research Scientist, DLR

 “Today has been very good indeed, it’s been really varied and I’ve made some great contacts for the UK Space Industry.”
Tony Forsythe, Technology Innovation Standards & Local Growth Manager, UK Space Agency

“We had some good discussions after the product showcase with people interested in setting up some collaborations or using the service to fly their experiment into space”
Dr. Hilde Stenuit, Business Development, ICE Cubes

“Very good show with the right kind of companies involved.”
Jens Kauffmann, Head of the SME Office, ESA

“From the meetings I’ve already had today, it’s really getting big here. We have a lot of suppliers coming to visit us and we hope for new customers”
Elias Hashem, Business Development, DSI Aerospace Technologie GmbH

“It is my first time here and I am really enjoying the show.”
Vittorio Bombelli, Strategy and Sales, ArianeGroup

“We have made a lot of contacts, especially important though, very good quality contacts”
Dr. Uwe Aschmutat, Sales Manager, Just Vacuum GmbH

“We have made a few high-quality contacts. We have two very interested, perhaps, future customers!”
Egon Döberl, CEO, ASA Astrosysteme GmbH

“It’s great to engage with space companies involved in the design of new systems”
Giorgio Potenza, Senior Business Development Consultant, Harwin Plc

“This event is great because there are so many different companies and technologies here, it’s a great place for us to be seen and to meet different people. There are so many different ways to partner, you don’t even realise all of them until you’re here”
Richard Hedrick, President & CEO, Planewave Instruments

“Our suppliers were all very pleased with the quality and quantity of the visitors. It was a highly efficient way of communicating with a large number of our European customers.”
Paul Leys, Technical Marketing Manager Space, Avnet Silica

“I have made more contacts today just walking the foyer than I made in Le Bourget last year. It is amazing because I can catch up with old friends and contacts even before I got my badge. It is a very good start.”
Mario Bahlouli, Business Development Manager, Element Materials Technology 

“It’s been amazing! It’s great to come back for the second year and see how many more people are exhibiting and the excitement. Everyone I’ve spoken to says the B2B meetings really set this event apart.”
Melissa Molseed, Senior Delivery Consultant, ICP Search

 “It has been excellent. We have met lots of interesting people and customers who we have known for years but never actually met face to face, and met some potential customers. It has been a worthwhile experience.”
Stuart Mills, CEO, STAR-Dundee

“It’s been very good, as expected. I had my meetings scheduled, using the booking system which was efficient and I’ve been very pleased with the day.”
Jacques Giroux, Business Development Manager, ABB Canada

“It’s been a wonderful day – quite exciting, thrilling to see 22 companies in the materials science space industry. For me it’s been quite exciting.”
Martin Castillo, diZplay Project Leader, Head of Material Science, ZARM

“It’s been a perfect day – fantastic! There are a lot of companies here and the atmosphere and openness of people here and the different stands are really relevant for our company, we are highly involved in space, and all the suppliers and bigger companies are here. There are good discussions, a lot of information – I think the expo has been perfect.”
Anders Helland, Head of Parts and Services, CMR Prototech 

“We have been very busy – we are very happy that today has been more than we expected and we have met a lot of contacts and people that we know from the other events that have come to see us.”
Vincente Diaz, Managing Director, DHV Technology

“We were here two years ago for the first time, and after the first day we already decided to come back here again. The show is very good for us – we see our customers and we see new customers. It is very focused on technology here, so it is a good show for us.”
Martin Eichelberger, Business Development Manager, Glenair Electric GmbH

“We have learned a lot as we are an American company exhibiting here in Europe for the first time. So, we are learning to interact with the local cultures here and understanding how we can bring some of our technology here and maybe find companies to bring technology back to the US.”
Tom McCarthy, VP, Business Development, Motiv Space Systems

“It has been a great experience. It is our first time here and we have already booked for another year. We have found a lot of different contacts and lots of different opportunities. I think it is a great location.”
Tomaž Rotovnik, CEO, SkyLabs d.o.o.

“One of the most focused and productive shows I have been to in the past two decades with Coilcraft.”
Michael Jamieson, Business Development Executive, Coilcraft


“We wanted to take the opportunity to meet with the European Space Community. It has been very good for us, we have met a lot of suppliers from Europe and from the United States. We’ve made a lot of new contacts.”
Rene Born, Senior Manager, Thales Alenia Space

“We are so confident about the future of this show, we have made the exceptional request for a five-year contract.”
Peter Bishop, CEO, Bishop GmbH

“We’re booked for 2017. We’ve had good results. It’s been a good chance to network and see what’s going on.”
Matthew Division, European Sales Manager, Sonatest NDT 

“Our headquarters are in Bremen and it is very clear that we are part of the show; we have supported the event with all our efforts – with a stand, keynote speakers and sponsorship. If you are in space, this is the place to be right now.”
Martin Stade, Head of Corporate Communications, OHB SE

“The people that we have talked to so far are really looking for something, so the discussions we’ve had have been really interesting.”
Sandor Woldendorp, Business Development Manager Space, Airborne Aerospace

“There are some interesting talks in the exhibition area, and a nice overview of what is going on in space.”
Dr Jorn Burkert, CEO, Aircraft Electrical System

“Very positive as far as the testing zone. It’s an opportunity for me to do some benchmarking and see the complementary skills these companies are offering.”
Aziz Tahiri, Technical Marketing Manager, ECA Group

“It’s our first time here and we’ll definitely do it again – we’ve already booked our stand for the next show!”
Elias Hashem, Head of Marketing and Proposal Management, DSI Digitale Signalverarbeitungssysteme & Informationstechnik GmbH

“Overall in the show, there’s been a good level of traffic, so we’ve been very happy with that; we’ve hit our objectives in terms of numbers of leads that we were hoping to achieve from a show like this – and yes, it was definitely well worthwhile coming to the Space Tech Expo and it‘s probably something that we’ll look to do again in the future.”
Niall Hefferman, Space Project Manager, Curtiss-Wright

“We’ve been meeting with a lot of interesting people: experts from the space industry, but also CEOs from the company, which is really lovely. This is the reason why this exhibition is quite good because it’s very possible in this way, it’s quite easy to get in touch.”
Robert Boehme, Team Lead, CEO, Part-Time Scientists

“The show has been very good... it was really active and lots of people interested in our products.”
Alberto Payaro, Sales Manager, Dolphi Tech

“We’ve been meeting with a lot of purchasing and managing directors with engineering contacts – basically CDA’s products are best sold to an engineering community. The show has actually been fantastic. CDA has exhibited at the California version for the last three years, and when they were able to create this new show here in Europe we thought that would be a fantastic opportunity for us to pursue European leads that perhaps wouldn’t want to travel to the USA every year.”
Michael Baba, Sales and Marketing Manager, CDA InterCorp

“We only do a show about every five years or so; after this kind of show I think we have that many leads we’ll be busy for two or three years.  Because it is very much a family-run business – it’s very good relations, everything is very well organised, everything arrived here seamlessly – so, thank you Smarter Shows!”
Juergen Bosse, Managing Director, Robo-Technology GmbH

“From my point of view it’s a great experience, the fact that we met a lot of new customers here, and we hope that we can go on to new projects with them.“
Thorben Konemann, Scientific and Technical Director, ZARM Test Center

“I think it’s very, very good, and I think it’s good that we’ve a decent European space exhibition, rather than just a conference. I’m sponsoring Space Tech Expo in Pasadena and I was the first person to sign up for 2017 here.”
Nick Potts, Managing Director, Printech Circuit Labs

“We were able to more intimately meet these other companies and figure out where the problems and the solutions are – without bumping shoulders with every single person. We had long conversations with almost every single person that we met, and that was fantastic.”
Mark Becnel, President, RadioBro Corporations

“It’s been very interesting and in fact it’s a completely new world to me. It’s the first time I’ve attended an aerospace event and I’ve learned about the super-cool instruments used in outer space and it’s been absolutely very interesting.”
Bernhard Meyer, Principal Systems Engineer, Uldima Consulting

“Today’s show was a good opportunity to meet up together in this city of space – Bremen – where we have a lot of space industry. I’m from a local company here in Bremen, so for me it’s very convenient to come to this fair and meet the space community in the local town.”
Robert Simonovic, System Engineer - Space Propulsion, OHB System

“It’s very interesting to meet all these people and good to get a better overview of what’s happening in Europe and to see all the hardware that is pretty impressive.”
Jorg Weber, Propulsion Engineer, Airbus DS

“We’ve had good contact with OHB, Airbus and Thales Alenia and many others, and we are quite happy about it because this is the first time that we have tried to go outside Italy. We are in a good position in Italy but we want to explore European business and I think we have had very good results from this show.”
Fabrizio Lazzari, Managing Director, CBL Electronics

“We’ve had a lot of interest and follow up with people wanting to come to North Alabama and see for themselves what it’s like there, and we’re already planning to be back in 2017.”
Lucia Cape, Vice President, Economic Development Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/ Madison County

“The expo is perfect. Meeting people from all over the world is glorious. I work for German television and it’s a real melting point here! OHB’s zero gravity flywheel was incredible! I felt like an astronaut flying around, getting stronger and stronger but it was very, very heavy! I’ve talked to a lot of different people and it’s really, really nice here, everyone is smiling and happy and this show is perfect for Bremen!”
Jan Spekker, Reporter, RTL TV

“B2B Matchmaking has been really good – it was nice to do quick meetings with different companies that we’ve never worked with before, find out what they do and what they do in the industry – it was really cool. We definitely got a lot out of the meetings – we got lots of business cards and walked away with leads. It was really good talking to people and having that really quick but worthwhile interaction.”
Melissa Molseed, Delivery Consultant, ICP Search

“We’ve been meeting with various people, a couple of the big companies – OHB, DLR – so that’s good for us because we want to be able to make contact with these big players in the European space market.”
Niall Heffernan, Space Project Manager, Curtiss-Wright

“Good audience, B2B meetings is also a good idea, we can have 20 minutes’ more discussion with other people. So it’s a good combination of technical presentation, exhibition and more activity.”
Nicholas Ganry, Product Marketing Manager, Atmel

“I really like this mixture of small companies and large companies who are suppliers mixed with the conference. It’s a perfect way to integrate with the conference in-between, in which you can exchange, which is impressive. It’s a very good way to do it like that. I really appreciated the presentation style because it shows the agency’s opinion and the researchers’ opinion, which is very good.”
Ludger Froebel, Head of Technology Partnerships and Fundraising, Airbus DS

“I find today’s show actually very, very good. We’ve seen a wide distribution of companies that work in space and companies that we already supply to, but also a lot of companies that we haven’t seen before, so for us the first day, day one, has been very, very good.”
Michael Conway, Product Marketing Manager, Advanced Ceramic Products

“It has been great to meet all these companies who like to do space and aeronautics, so it was a very important event to expand our network from our company. It was great to also have the chance to meet many people in person – this is very important to forge business relations and to establish contacts for future projects.”
Timo Stein, Physicist, Integrated Detector Electronics AS

“We spoke about the reusability of spacecraft – it was great to be in the session led by Eric Stallmer from Spaceflight Federation with representatives from ULA, Sierra Nevada and CNES who were really good, so we were like the new kid on the block. It was a really interesting presentation. The show experience has been extremely positive. I am very impressed with the representation of the industry here, getting to know most of the people and companies – they are all here, including all the leaders and engineers. I’m very impressed with the incredible turnout – I’m happy to be here."
Harry Van Hulten, Flight Test Director, XCOR

“So far it has gone wonderfully here in terms of the logistics. I think everybody was interested and excited in the topic, it is a particularly topical subject at the moment. I think all the exhibits and businesses here are very excited and I think it’s very good for them to meet at a place like this from a business-to-business standpoint, which is interesting because it may translate to space commerce or space-to-space services eventually.”
David Barnhart, Director, USC of Space Engineering Research Centre, University of Southern California (formerly Program Manager at DARPA)

 “There have been some interesting sessions. I like today as it’s a good focus on small sats. There’s some good subsystems and equipment on the stands with good demonstrations and models. Yes, it’s a good show.”
Rob Staples, Head of Launch and Orbital Servicing, Surrey Satellite