SPACE IC – Efficient Secondary DC Power Distribution in Satellites

In the lastest white paper from the German manufacturer SPACE IC (Distributor: KAMAKA Electronic) they discus why having a efficient secondary DC power distribution is crucial in satellites.

The evolution of power distribution in spacecraft is moving in the direction of modular architecture. In particular, the secondary power distribution from the satellite bus to the modules can be made more efficient by applying modular design and standard power interfaces.

This requires new approaches in the design of the secondary power conditioning unit, the power buses and the local power conversion. Easily applicable solutions for local power conversion are available, which can deliver exactly the required voltages and currents to the load and can be directly integrated into the power-consuming modules.

Thus, modern satellite systems can become more cost-efficient by lowering weight and volume for power distribution and by saving cost for development and qualification of satellite building blocks due to reuse of modules with standard power interface.

white paper

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