Noise and Vibration Testing Solutions For Challenging Tests in Aerospace Applications

OROS is a global manufacturer and solution provider of noise and vibration measurement systems: instruments, software and services. It has mastered the latest technology for data acquisition and digital signal processing as well as application-oriented software for testing and measurement.

When dealing with aerospace or defense vehicles, a test is always costly and must be accomplished in a short timeframe. At the development stage of aircraft wing structures or satellites, measurements such as modal analysis, often based on multiple shaker excitation, must be successful the first time and data stored safely and securely. Portable, flexible, rugged and accurate, the OROS analyzers handle noise and vibration tests whatever the environment: test center and transportation, laboratory or in-flight data acquisition. Providing flexible configurations (rack, standalone or distributed up to 1,000 channels), the OROS solutions enhance users’ efficiency.

Jet and rocket engines tests: the OROS analyzers record raw data and display the information needed for proper jet engine testing. Thanks to the synchronous order analysis, they compute the orders of jet engines during hours of tests required by the propulsion test centers or flight/taxi tests. The integrated conditioners offer a wide range of transducer interfaces (ICP, float, ±40V, strain gauges, thermocouples, PT100, oversampled tachs). The analyzer is easy to integrate in the test benches.

Data acquisition: component integration for in-flight recording requires a portable, rugged and easy recording system. PC-free recording is particularly useful for the toughest conditions (direct recording, distributed systems).

Structures test: spacecraft structures are checked with the large channel distributed systems. It simultaneously measures up to 1,000 channels or more for one shot tests. From shaker or loudspeaker excitation the FFT, 1/n octave and swept-sine offer real-time monitoring and provide immediate results and raw data, reaching the test conclusions more quickly.

For more than 30 years, OROS solutions have been renowned as being designed for the field but powerful enough for any lab.

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