The Tesat-Spacecom Parts Agency: A Strong Partner for EEE Parts Procurement, Engineering and Services

Tesat-Spacecom’s Parts Agency has been providing procurement and engineering services for Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) parts in space applications since 1972. The company will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe, showcasing the latest in EEE services, parts and technology.


Satellites have to withstand harsh conditions in the space environment such as exposure to radiation, a wide temperature range, vibration and mechanical shock during launch. Depending on the mission profile, these can occur among various other effects.

Despite these extreme conditions, the electronic equipment has to operate without failure for many years. Key to meeting these requirements are the EEE (Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical) parts used. Thus the selection and testing of EEE parts is crucial and must be optimized to fit all mission requirements.

No less important are the commercial aspects and the total cost of ownership. The small quantity of the individual EEE parts calls for innovative procurement and engineering approaches.

Tesat-Spacecom as a major producer of space equipment is one of the largest users of high-reliability EEE parts in Europe, and is deeply involved in all aspects of supply and use of EEE parts in space.

To address the limited parts volumes of space projects and the aforementioned challenges, Tesat operates a dedicated organisation: the Parts Agency. For efficient handling, customers worldwide are served with the same process and same high level of quality as we meet for the Tesat internal production. The combined procurement volume of internal and external demand of more than two million EEE parts per year results in an efficient and very powerful process.

Experienced teams handle all procurement, engineering, logistics and export complexities with know-how, expertise, manpower and tools to successfully fulfil any EEE parts demand for space use.

A skilled project manager is assigned to each customer to provide all necessary support, from purchase-order placement to post-delivery engagement.

Our customers can monitor the whole procurement process through a real-time Internet Reporting System. This tracking system shows the detailed delivery status of the components, technical information about the components, Parts Approval Document and release status and additional testing activities.

The above-mentioned high order volumes and long-term relationships with all major manufacturers ensure the reliable and prompt availability of the parts needed under excellent commercial conditions. We take care of all activities necessary to meet export control regulations affecting the parts, too. Issuing correct and complete documents is also crucial for the timely release of parts. Additional testing and quality-assurance measures are organised in parallel and on time, often involving third parties suchtesat-award as specialised test houses. In addition, Tesat-Spacecom itself has extensive stocks of Hi-Rel  components that can be of great use in procurement projects for our EEE parts customers.

All the above leads to an improved total cost of ownership for our customers: they can focus on their core business of equipment manufacturing with our Parts Agency as a trusted partner.

We are proud to receive honours for our work, such as the Supplier of the Year award in the category Value-Add Supplier by Rockwell Collins. Choosing from hundreds of suppliers, the US aerospace company awards this prize annually to just 10 companies in the industry.

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Visit Tesat Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG at Space Tech Expo Europe 2017 at stand E22