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24-26 Oct, 2017 | Bremen, Germany


New exhibitors bavAIRia and Bayern-Chemie confirmed for Space Tech Expo Europe

New exhibitors this month also include Airbus Safran Launchers, ASA Astrosysteme, ARROW, Electronic Concept Europe, EOS GmbH, Altair Engineering, W.L.Gore, Microsemi, Polytec, Interface Welding, Specialty Coating Systems and more!

Virtual Shaker Testing at V2i: Measured-Based Shaker Model and Industrial Test Case

During high-level vibration test on a heavy specimen, the test engineer often faces difficulties passing the specified vibration level due to coupling between the specimen under test and the electrodynamic shaker.

3D Printing Requires 3D Testing – NDT on Additive Manufactured Components

The possibility of almost arbitrary complexity of additive manufactured (AM) components using 3D printers enables design engineers to, for example, build lightweight structures with optimal force transmission.

Noise and Vibration Testing Solutions For Challenging Tests in Aerospace Applications

OROS is a global manufacturer and solution provider of noise and vibration measurement systems: instruments, software and services. It has mastered the latest technology for data acquisition and digital signal processing as well as application-oriented software for testing and measurement.

Latest Hardware Technology Tackles Challenges in NVH Testing and Dynamic Data Acquisition

The recently introduced m+p VibMobile measurement hardware was engineered for the requirements of mobile multi-channel noise and vibration measurements and dynamic signal analysis, as well as demanding data acquisition and monitoring applications.

IR - Enhanced Radiation-Hardened MOSFETs for Mission-Critical Space Applications

IR/Infineon (distributor: KAMAKA Electronic) has launched its first radiation-hardened MOSFETs based on the proprietary N-channel R9 technology platform. In comparison with previous technologies they have improved size, weight and power.

DATEL – 14-bit 125MHz Low-Power Digital-to-Analog Converter

DATEL Inc’s DAC-1412 series (distributed by KAMAKA Electronic) is a new line of digital-to-analog converters that are the best choice for all military, airborne and aerospace applications.

Ultra-High Resolution for Radiographic Examination

DÜRR NDT is revolutionizing digital radiography with its newly developed DR 7.2 NDT CMOS detector. With a pixel pitch of just 19µm, an incredible basic spatial resolution of 25µm can be achieved.

RF Breakdown Analysis Space Applications

Devices in the output section of a satellite payload, including filters and multiplexers, are subject to high RF power. This can lead to RF breakdown effects such as multipaction and corona, which may damage the specific device or render it useless and degrade the overall reliability of the satellite.

Testing Aerospace

For nearly a decade, Coilcraft Critical Products & Services (CPS) has designed and built critical-grade components for use in military, aerospace, medical and other harsh-environment applications where durability and reliability are of paramount importance.