Exhibitor Spotlight: Florian Ruess, Managing director, Space Structures GmbH 


Florian is MD responsible for high-performance structures for space applications at Space Structures GmbH. This includes launchers, multi-ton spacecraft, payload and equipment, manned or unmanned.

Which markets does Space Structures GmbH address and what are your expectations for the development of the European space market? 

We are active in the space industry worldwide, in institutional as well as commercial programmes. I expect the European market to basically remain constant, maybe with small growth.


What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving/changing over the next few years? 

The majority of our customers are changing from build-to-print approaches, where they do all the design up to manufacturing drawings, to build-to-spec approaches, where the design responsibility is outsourced to the supplier. This strongly correlates with the USP of Space Structures GmbH.


Which customer or market demands were the biggest drivers of your company's growth during the past three years? 

Our biggest drivers of growth were large European institutional projects like BIOMASS and build-to-spec projects for commercial customers.


What are your key opportunities at the moment, and what challenges do you have to face in 2019/20? 

Structures are always needed. So every new project is a potentially new opportunity for Space Structures GmbH. In the commercial sector there is very tough competition in terms of quality, price and schedule. German engineering quality is not always the cheapest solution, so our challenge is to make the added value visible.


Can you tell us about any technical developments that you are working on at the moment, or what can we expect from Space Structures GmbH in the foreseeable future?

High-vibration-damping metal parts; structures and mechanisms for cubesat form-factor deployable solar arrays; low-cost, high-volume production of struts, just to name a few.


What fascinates you about your role at Space Structures GmbH? 

I founded the company eight years ago. It is my baby. It is fascinating to follow its development just like with a real child.


What products will you be featuring at the show this year and what response are you expecting? 

We will be exhibiting the lightest and most dimensionally stable struts/rods/beams in the world; high-vibration-damping metal parts; structures and mechanisms for cubesat form-factor deployable solar arrays; nuts and bolts in CFRP; custom build-to-spec structures ranging from electronic box housings via optical benches to complete satellite structures.


What are you most looking forward to about Space Tech Expo Europe 2019? 

I’m looking forward to getting in touch with the technical experts of all the other space companies, which is always a very valuable exchange. Plus the opportunity to talk with buyers, which is very rare at other events.


And finally, moon or mars? What would be your next mission?

We are involved in several Moon-related projects. It is the stepping stone for human Mars exploration.


Space Structures will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 at stand 3024.