All the Buzz in Spacecraft Electronics and Electrical Systems

Electrical Equipment BRE17Powering every spacecraft and satellite are reliable electronics and electrical systems. They constitute the foundations of successful missions and services and, to demonstrate how the technology in this sphere is evolving, Space Tech Expo will showcase the very latest electronics and systems that are electrifying the industry.

(Small) satellites are becoming more advanced: high-capacity data processors, new types of communication systems, electric propulsion and other parts requiring energy are being introduced in greater volumes than ever before, and electronics and electrical systems are improving in response.

Yet the decreasing size of many new satellites brings unique challenges to the development and integration of reliable electronics. Onboard processors – which have increasing computing density – generate heat. On smallsats, these processors sit much closer to other components and, as a result, this heat poses the threat of damage to other parts of the spacecraft. Striking a balance between safety and optimal performance is a challenge familiar to manufacturers.

The I’ve got the power! But how do I manage it? conference session at the Smallsats Conference on Wednesday 20 November will delve into the challenges that smallsat manufacturers face when it comes to increasing capabilities, while at the same time continuing to offer reliable electronics. The session will highlight developments relating to field programmable gate array (FPGA) semiconductors and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), as well as reliable DC-DCs. Ultra-deep-submicron semiconductors are increasingly being used by small satellites and these have low-voltage, high-current requirements. It can be difficult for OEMs to find reliable DC-DCs for such devices.

On the same day, the Technology Conference will focus on specific innovations in electronics and electrical with a spotlight on component-level development. Items on the agenda include various types of optimised cables and wires, optical fibres, and advanced interconnectors that can withstand extreme vibration and shock. The 10x10 Lightning Panel – Electronics and Electrical Systems at the Technology Conference on Wednesday November 20 considers demand and how to get clarity on products and availability of components emerging from the NewSpace industry.

Join us at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 to hear the latest on electronics and electrical systems for the space industry and gain expert insights from organisations such as Cobham, TT Electronics and Glenair among many, many others.

Space Tech Expo Europe brings together the entire European space supply chain and is an unparalleled opportunity to meet your future partners and suppliers from across the continent under one roof!