T4i to launch Regulus electrical propulsion system in 2019

T4i will launch its Regulus compact electrical propulsion system in space in 2019. Regulus is an innovative, cost-effective, complete and flexible 1.5U electric propulsion module that weighs less than 2kg, suitable for nano- and microsatellite platforms.

regulusWith a technology based on a Magnetically Enhanced RF Thruster, Regulus provides unique performance at nanosatellite size and power with a robustness guaranteed by its architectural simplicity. With its high total impulse, Regulus allows different and combined mission scenarios in space, such as satellite positioning, orbit maintenance and decommissioning, thus increasing the satellites’ lifetime and efficiency.

Thanks to its flexibility, Regulus guarantees ease of integration on satellite platforms that range from 6U up to 150kg. The in-orbit demonstration is expected to take place in Q3 2019.

T4i will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 on Stand 4030