VPT introduces radiation-hardened point-of-load converters

quad transceiver VPT has announced the availability of its SVPL Series of space-qualified point-of-load DC-DC converters. Covering an input voltage range of 3.1V to 13.2V and available in 6A, 9A and 12A output surface-mount options, the SVPL products are designed specifically for space applications facing harsh radiation environments while requiring low voltages and tight regulation for high-performance processors.

The SVPL Series uses Intersil’s ISL7000x family of rad-hard synchronous buck regulators to provide high power density, fast transient response and up to 94% efficiency. The ISL7000x bare-die ICs are characterised for total ionising dose (TID) of 100krad(Si), including enhanced low dose rate sensitivity (ELDRS; they are immune to destructive single event effects (SEE) with linear energy transfer (LET) of 86.4MeV-cm2/mg. The complete SVPL Series of converters is characterised for TID of 100krad(Si), including ELDRS, and SEE performance to 85MeV-cm2/mg, per VPT’s DLA-approved radiation hardness assurance (RHA) plan.

Additional features of the SVPL Series include high power density, output enable control, low output noise, overcurrent protection, and external synchronisation to other converters or system clocks. Full power operation of the SVPL Series is rated for -55°C to +125°C.

 Protec GmbH will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 on Stand E12