White Paper: Film-type contamination and outgassing rates…and how to detect them the easy way

It is becoming increasingly important to know the cleanliness and outgassing properties of your products from the beginning of your process chain by approving incoming goods, up to the final product. With the help of that knowledge, manufacturers in the aerospace industry are able to control and protect their process chains to improve final quality and avoid contamination, loss of production and customer complaints.

The twin sister devices VIDAM and ARGAT guarantee fully automatic, easy-to-handle, non-destructive analysis of samples regarding film-type contamination and outgassing rates. These devices give users quantitative and qualitative results for their parts and assemblies ranging from bulk goods to complex geometries.


Optimising your cleaning processes

Proper part cleaning is becoming increasingly relevant for many fields of industry. In particular, testing, verification and evaluation of cleaning processes are major keys for reproducible production processes. Although methods for detection of particulate contamination have been established for some time, so far no adequate measuring methods have existed for film-type contaminants. TREAMS GmbH offers the first fully automatic cleanliness measurement device for the detection of chemical-film-type contaminants.


What are chemical-film-type contaminants?

Chemical-film-type contaminants are thin, coherent (non-particulate) films of undesirable, external substances partially or completely covering the surfaces of parts.


Where do chemical-film-type contaminants originate from?



What are the effects of chemical-film-type contamination?

Film-type contamination can affect many subsequent processes. Possible consequences are:

  • Coating defects and therewith optical defects, which may impair product properties (corrosion resistance, mountability, etc.)
  • Contamination of processing equipment, e.g. failure of optical components
  • Reduction of quality of joining processes
  • Outgassing, which can have a negative impact on process stability
  • Deteriorated characteristics (e.g. resolution) of optical components



Cleanliness measuring device for film-type contamination



  • Quantitative results (g/cm²)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Fully-automated measurement
  • Comparable results
  • Residual dirt identification






VIDAM® is a cleanliness measuring device which determines chemical-film-type contamination of the entire product surface by vacuum induced desorption. Single components as well as assemblies can be analyzed – non-destructively and fully automated. As a result of spectral measurement, contaminants can be clearly identified and assigned to their causes. Furthermore, VIDAM® provides absolute and quantitative values in gram per surface or component, which enables the establishing of appropriate evaluation limits.


vidam table 1


Qualitative and quantitative outgassing measurement of materials and assemblies

The evaluation of the outgassing behaviors of materials, components and assemblies is of essential importance for many modern technology processes in aerospace industry. This includes the basic classification of materials regarding their vacuum compatibility that depends both on the operating pressure and the prevailing temperatures.



Automatic Residual Gas Analysis Tool




  • Quantitative results (mbar · l / s / cm²)
  • Direct report output
  • Fully -automated measurement
  • Comparable results
  • Automatic detection of substances 






ARGAT® is a measuring device for residual gas analysis under vacuum. It quickly and fully-automatically determines outgassing rates of single parts or complete assemblies. As a result of automatic spectral measurement, residual gas composition can be directly determined and gas contributions can be clearly assigned to their origin. Furthermore, ARGAT® provides absolute and quantitative results in mbar · l / s, which allow the establishment of appropriate outgassing limits.


table 2

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