Virtual Shaker Testing at V2i: Measured-Based Shaker Model and Industrial Test Case

During high-level vibration test on a heavy specimen, the test engineer often faces difficulties passing the specified vibration level due to coupling between the specimen under test and the electrodynamic shaker.

This paper highlights the methodology followed to develop a virtual shaker testing simulator. The first step involves the dynamic identification of an 80kN shaker, performed thanks to measurements (modal analyses and sine sweeps). The second step is the definition of the physics included in the simulator and the translation of the electromechanical equations in a home-made simulator.

A controller developed by SIEMENS LMS and supplied to V2i in the framework of the AOC research project (‘Advanced Operational Certification’, Walloon Region funding) is introduced to close the loop. An industrial test case is described to demonstrate the ability of the simulator to deal with real complex structures. 


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