3D Printing Requires 3D Testing – NDT on Additive Manufactured Components

The possibility of almost arbitrary complexity of additive manufactured (AM) components using 3D printers enables design engineers to, for example, build lightweight structures with optimal force transmission.

TestiaHowever, the freedom in design is often a challenge for non-destructive testing, especially for highly stressed AM components. Thus, quality assurance is an important topic to ensure a successful mission in space. There are only a few NDT methods to apply on complex structures: computed tomography and digital x-ray techniques are the most important ones, offering in-depth information about the outer geometrical metrology and providing a three-dimensional look inside the component.

Moreover, quantitative analysis of volumetric characteristics can be iteratively looped through to design offices. TESTIA proposes a large range of services and inspection capabilities for all its clients’ products, regardless of their size and materials (titanium, aluminum and even nickel alloys).

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