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24-26 Oct, 2017 | Bremen, Germany

Speaker Interviews

Speaker spotlight: Paola Leoni, Senior Partner and CEO, Leoni Corporate Advisors

In the final Space Tech speaker spotlight interview, Mindy Emsley spoke to industry expert Paola Leoni about the trends shaping the global space industry, the technologies being invested in and why improvements in the launch sector will open up new applications and markets.

FEATURE: Small Satellites – Is Europe Leading?

Over the last 10-15 years there has been a significant resurgence and growth in the small-satellite industry. Indeed, entire conferences have been held in its honor. Although there are a number of organizations and events that could be identified as seeding this now viable industry, two leading institutions that helped foster its creation are located in Europe and the USA.

Speaker Spotlight: Dan Lopez, VP Technology, UrtheCast

In the latest interview in the Space Tech Speaker Spotlight series, Mindy Emsley spoke to Dan Lopez, VP Technology of UrtheCast. UrtheCast surveys the globe from cameras aboard the International Space Station. The biggest current customers for Earth observation services tend to be governments, which use satellite images for everything from monitoring the health of forests and gauging the extent of natural disasters, to tracking climate change and surveying other nations’ armies and navies. However, there are also emerging markets for satellite imagery in the private sector. Energy and agricultural businesses, as well as financial firms, are finding it useful to take a high-level view of the Earth’s surface, especially with the remarkably fine resolution that is now possible.

Stefano Bianchi, Head of Launchers Development Department, ESA

The market has been calling for more affordable space access. To this end, government space agencies and commercial launch providers are working to find ways to improve operational efficiency and lower cost while continuing to ensure mission safety. Ahead of the Launch Services Market – Competition, Access and Affordability panel at Space Tech Expo, Conference Director Mindy Emsley spoke to Stefano Bianchi about the challenges he faces as Head of Launchers at ESA, what’s driving the growth of the launch sector, and the impact of reusability on lowering launch cost.

Michele Coletti, Director, Mars Space

Michele started his PhD in Space Electric Propulsion at the University of Southampton in 2006, founded Mars Space in 2007 and finished his PhD in 2008. He then spent three years at Mars Space and at the university, developing miniature plasma thrusters for cubesats and high-power engines suitable for future nuclear-powered cargo missions.

Jerome Vila, Head of the Prospective, Innovation & Future Projects Department, CNES Space Launchers Directorate

Prior to speaking at Space Tech Expo Europe next month, CNES Launch expert Jerome Vila caught up with Conference Director Mindy Emsley on the challenges he faces, why the recent change in governance of the European launch sector was the prudent path to follow and what technologies will help enable growth of reusable vehicles.