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24-26 Oct, 2017 | Bremen, Germany

Call for Papers

Submit your application by Wednesday 31 May 

We are now researching and developing the agenda for Space Tech Expo Europe 2017 - this is your chance to be seen and heard at the outstanding B2B meeting place for the European space industry! 

Based on our initial research with delegates, industry experts and professionals, the 2017 program will focus on (but not limited to):                             

  • Developments in the satellite manufacturing market, including platform standardisation and large constellation design
  • Developments in the launch services market, including affordability, reusability and small-sat launch options
  • Developments in the satellite operator market, including NGSO, HTS, GEO, mega-constellations and digital payloads
  • The future of satcom, navigation and Earth observation: LEO constellations and Small Sats vs GEO installations
  • Small-sat applications and technology innovations
  • Big data and the future of analytics
  • Innovative R&D for the benefit of industry: technology marketing and S2B towards successful B2B
  • The role of small business in the supply chain for New Space
  • From disruptive ideas to start ups: space funding at a crossroads
  • Global cooperation: policy, inter-agency, commercial opportunity and B2B
  • Shaping the future of space security: a transatlantic approach
  • New Space regulatory enterprise: proactive versus reactive law-making
  • A commercial International Space Station and expanding commercial enterprise in space
  • Advanced space transportation systems and infrastructure development to enable sustainable access to space
  • Developing an in-space manufacturing ecosystem
  • Advanced capabilities in engineering services
  • Advanced manufacturing processes
  • Additive manufacturing for space applications
  • Innovative materials
  • High-performance space power components, management and distribution
  • Electrical systems design and integration
  • Electronic components development for extreme environments
  • Testing, measurement and simulation

For any further information or to input into our research, please email Nicole Heins, Conference Producer - [email protected]