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Real-time connectivity, data-driven applications, tracking regulations, in-orbit services and an increasingly competitive launch market are causing demand for smallsats to soar. A record number of smallsat missions were launched in the past year and the near future will see an even more dramatic increase in programmes ranging from single-unit research and qualification satellites to globe-covering communications LEO constellations.

Unexplored b2b commercial applications will untap numerous possibilities as the end user market is set to grow exponentially.  Opportunities for supply-chain, manufacturers, operators and service providers to capitalise on this growth are further enabled by lower cost mass production, smart manufacturing systems, technology miniaturization, light-weighting and enhanced data processing while new entrants and startups are driving technological innovation in the sector.

Are you involved in the small satellite sector?  

Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 will provide a focused exhibit and sessions area dedicated to smallsats highlighting opportunities for this fast-growing sector of the industry, including:

  • 70+ exhibiting companies covering the smallsat and launcher supply chain, including Manufacturing, Applications, Operations and Data Processing
  • Three days of dedicated forum sessions specific to smallsats
  • Product demonstrations showcasing cutting-edge technology
  • Startup company innovation displays 


Exhibitors include: 

 Smallsats exhibitors include:


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Attendee Profile

If you manufacture or supply space technology solutions for the space and aerospace industry, Space Tech Expo Europe is where you can connect with thousands of buyers within the industry supply chain:


Small satellites, cube satellites, micro satellites: 


  • Manufacturers (design, assembly, integration, testing)
  • Operators
  • Launch vehicles
  • Launch services
  • Propulsion systems
  • Components
  • Optics
  • Ground stations
  • Data systems
  • Hardware and software
  • Earth observation
  • GNSS / satellite navigation
  • Commercial aviation
  • Weather
  • Defence
  • Broadcasting
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy (oil and gas)
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture
  • Urban Planning
  • Government



"I’m particularly interested in today’s session which is small satellites. There’s a lot of new entrants into the small satellite community and doing a lot of exciting things"

David Miller, Chief Technologist, NASA 

“Space Tech Expo Europe is without any doubt the event of reference in Europe for the space sector.”

Juny Crespo, Project Manager, PLD Space

 “It has been a great experience. It is our first time here and we have already booked for another year. We have found a lot of different contacts and lots of different opportunities. I think it is a great location.”

Tomaž Rotovnik, CEO, SkyLabs d.o.o.