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 Space Tech and Smallsats Conferences

The free-to-attend, three-track conference brings together professionals in the space industry in Europe and beyond to discuss current trends, developments and challenges in the market, as well as innovative and ground-breaking technologies. The conference is specifically designed for engineers, manufacturers and decision-makers at commercial (aero)space and defence organisations, start-ups and Europe’s space agencies, as well as professionals at similar organisations based outside of Europe.



Industry conference

  • International development and cooperation
  • Trends in the large satellite industry (from medium to extra heavy sized) : servicing, communications, ground system, 5G implementation and more
  • In-space assembly and manufacturing: advanced robotics, software, advanced propulsion systems and more
  • Launch industry: vehicle optimisation, reusability, flexibility, finding new business opportunities and more
  • Exploration mission development: commercial and public space station development, crewed and uncrewed missions, lunar village, and more
  • Orbital debris challenges and technical development

Smallsats conference

  • Industry projections: areas for growth and areas for opportunities
  • Technology development (from femto to small sized): satellite miniaturisation, electronics, communications systems, COTS components, swarm/constellation development, operations, big data analysis, observation camera optimisation and more
  • Downstream end-user market requirements: AgTech, maritime, aviation, intelligence, communications, disaster management, business optimisation and more
  • Small launch vehicle market: business opportunities, industry challenges, European launch sites


Technology conference

Including, but not limited to:

  • Electronics: radiation hardened components, hi-rel and COTS, wire & harness, wireless connectors and sensors among others
  • Testing: electrical, NDT, simulation, environmental, measurement & analysis
  • Materials and design: new materials including metal additive manufactured components and advanced composites, innovative structures, light weighting and more
  • Industry 4.0 technologies: additive manufacturing, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain etc.



Early confirmed speakers include: 


"I’m particularly interested in today’s session which is small satellites. There’s a lot of new entrants into the small satellite community and doing a lot of exciting things"

David Miller, Chief Technologist, NASA

“Space Tech Expo Europe is without any doubt the event of reference in Europe for the space sector.”

Juny Crespo, Project Manager, PLD Space

“It’s been marvellous! I’ve met a lot of people doing the same thing I do working in the space business, and the expo it's very nice to see so many companies.”

Reven Spannagel, Research Scientist, DLR

Disclaimer: Smarter Shows reserves the right to amend speakers, topics and scheduling at any time. This website is updated regularly to reflect such changes. 


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