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Eurisy is a non-profit association of space agencies and other research organisations from across Europe. Eurisy supports collaboration between public institutions, SMEs, industry and academia across the space value-added chain. In doing so, Eurisy aims to advance the diffusion of space-derived innovation across society by leveraging its network to raises awareness on satellite applications and provide a bottom-up feedback to decision-makers on obstacles in the diffusion of investments in space. provides technical information and news on application specific fastening components and solutions for engineering across all industries, including automotive, rail, aerospace, and more. Through case studies, technical articles, and news from leading suppliers and experts, reinforces the critical value of integrating fastening technologies into the design process.

Geospatial World

Geospatial World is the most recognisable voice of geospatial community. Their website has more than 135,500 visitors per month from more than 150 countries. They also have 60,000+ active social media followers. Their subscriber base is growing at a rapid pace and an uncompromising focus on quality content and providing new technology insights has always been their utmost priority.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine is the leading news source for commercial and technical developments in the metal AM / 3D printing industry. Published quarterly in print and online, each issue features a number of exclusive in-depth articles and special features on metal Additive Manufacturing, as well as our extensive industry news rundown. Each new issue of Metal AM, as well as the complete archive, is available to download free of charge.

ROOM Space Journal

ROOM, launched in 2014, is a high quality and informative magazine for the global space industry and science community. Published quarterly (digital and print) in English, ROOM delivers incisive articles and op-eds written by those directly involved with space exploration, science, cutting-edge research and space commercialisation, including the latest breakthroughs in astronautics and the environmental challenges of Earth to planetary research and security threats originating in space.


World Teleport Association 

Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has been the only trade association that focuses on the business of satellite communications from the ground up.  At the core of its membership are the world’s most innovative operators of teleports, from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global hybrid carriers.